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Field Grafting Discussion with Len Chmiel

Learn from the experiences Len has had with field grafting in the West Elks AVA: Access the list of recommended videos and webpages HERE!

Crop Estimation Webinar – June 2020

Learn about crop estimation methods and the simple steps involved in predicting vineyard yield:

3-Part Grape Webinar Series – April 2020

Part I: Introduction to Grapes in Colorado – Miranda Ulmer, Viticulture Extension Specialist

Part II: How to Grow Grapes in Colorado – Dr. Horst Caspari, State Viticulturist & Professor

Part III: Troubleshooting Grapes (Pests & Diesases) – Dr. Horst Caspari, State Viticulturist & Professor

SPECIAL EDITION Part IV: Pruning, Irrigation & Fertilization – Dr. Horst Caspari, State Viticulturist & Professor

Pruning Guide to Residential Grapevines: Looking for some tricks on how to tackle that backyard grapevine? Look no further!

Grapevine Pruning 101: Whether you are a beginning grower or you are an experienced grower looking to fine tune your practices, look no further! Learn the basics of: cane pruning, spur pruning, the Balanced Pruning Method and “how to” collect pruning weights
YouTube link: