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Colorado State University logo with text "Winter Webinar Series" in front of a snowy vineyard

Dr. Anita Oberholster discusses Wildfires: Impact of Grape Smoke Exposure

Dr. Imed Dami from the Ohio State University discusses cold injury in grapevine and how to manage recovery

Dr. Akif Eskalen from the University of California Cooperative Extension discusses powdery mildew biology and options for control 

CSU’s Dr. Horst Caspari gives an update after October 2020 cold damage

Field Grafting Discussion with Len Chmiel

Learn from the experiences Len has had with field grafting in the West Elks AVA: Access the list of recommended videos and webpages HERE!

Crop Estimation Webinar – June 2020

Learn about crop estimation methods and the simple steps involved in predicting vineyard yield:

3-Part Grape Webinar Series – April 2020

Part I: Introduction to Grapes in Colorado – Miranda Ulmer, Viticulture Extension Specialist

Part II: How to Grow Grapes in Colorado – Dr. Horst Caspari, State Viticulturist & Professor

Part III: Troubleshooting Grapes (Pests & Diesases) – Dr. Horst Caspari, State Viticulturist & Professor

SPECIAL EDITION Part IV: Pruning, Irrigation & Fertilization – Dr. Horst Caspari, State Viticulturist & Professor

Pruning Guide to Residential Grapevines: Looking for some tricks on how to tackle that backyard grapevine? Look no further!

Grapevine Pruning 101: Whether you are a beginning grower or you are an experienced grower looking to fine tune your practices, look no further! Learn the basics of: cane pruning, spur pruning, the Balanced Pruning Method and “how to” collect pruning weights
YouTube link:

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