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Average vineyard rental rates  


Miranda Ulmer
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26/08/2019 5:01 pm  

Hello all, I have been receiving questions about average vineyard rental rates. If anyone has an estimate of what a potential renter should expect to pay for bare vs. established vineyard land throughout the state, please let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated! 

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15/07/2020 10:03 am  

Well, the price depends on where the vineyard is located. For example where I live they are at € 33 / m2 and near the sea they are at € 0.75 / m2. From the price of the place where you want to rent it, you will have to calculate how many hectares you can pay.

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28/08/2020 2:23 pm  

Usually the land for the vineyard is bought, not rented, because the business is long-term for the sale of the finished product

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30/09/2020 12:55 pm  

Thanks for creating this. Would be cool to see some attendance here from the western slope especially from Palisade. Anyway, I'm Eric and just started growing six, non-vinifera , top wire cordon (maybe expecting too tall of a vine) in my back yard spring of 2019 in a gradually sloped area in Colorado Springs. All of last years effort to focus nice straight growth ended up as winter kill but should have strong roots now ready for, hopefully, making some hardier wood during year 2.

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